Free 3M™ PPS™ Free Cup and Collar with every box of PPS™ Lids & Liners

  • 3M will be giving away a PPS™ free cup and collar with every box of large, standard, midi and mini size PPS™ Lids and Liners.

    PPS™ is the original system for the preparation and application of primer, base and clearcoat. PPS™ is a closed system and features a built-in filter, using just one cup for mixing and spraying.

    Ideal for both large and small repair areas, PPS™ enables the painter to spray upside down as well as store surplus material for re-use.

    This special giveaway will run from February through to the end of April 2016, while stocks last, subject to availability, from participating 3M distributors.

    To find your nearest distributor please call 0845 603 9714 or visit the 3M Bodyshop Solutions website.

    Go to the Bodyshop Solutions website.

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