Reducing the Risks in the Bodyshop

Reducing the Risks in the Bodyshop

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    Reducing the Risks in the Bodyshop – Your Guide to PPE

    They say prevention is better than the cure and it’s no different when looking to reduce the risks in your bodyshop. Although Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is one way to protect your workforce, often controlling the hazard at the source may reduce the need for PPE altogether. Here are 4 points to consider when you’re evaluating the risks of hazard within the bodyshop:

    1. Elimination: can the process be modified to eliminate the hazard?
    2. Substitution: can the process/product be substituted for something less toxic?
    3. Separation: can you totally enclose the process or add local extraction?
    4. PPE: this should be the last option. Protects the individual not the workplace




    Even with preventions and controls in place, it may not be enough to reduce risks to your employees, which is why we’ve created this handy guide to help you select some protection whatever the task.

    Download our handy PPE equipment guide for more information.

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