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A woman gazes through bright sunny windows knowing comfort and protection is all in a day’s work.

Películas para Arquitetura Comercial 3M™

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What are window films?

  • Arrows demonstrate how window films let in the warmth of the sun without creating hot spots.


  • Window films are a type of window treatment applied to windows and glass surfaces, designed to reduce the amount of solar heat transmitted through the glass and increase safety and security.

    The films help increase solar reflectivity, reject solar heat and reduce incoming ultraviolet light, resulting in a wide range of benefits: 


    • Improved comfort
    • Improved energy savings
    • Increased privacy
    • Increased fade protection
    • Reduced glare  
    • Increased safety and security

    While window films can be used with blinds, shades, curtains or other window treatments, the advantage they offer is solar control without an obstructed view. Unlike curtains or blinds that need to be closed to be effective, window films are designed to allow light in, help reduce heat and glare, and maintain your view, all at the same time. Window films can also help keep your building safer from break-in attempts without unsightly bars on the windows.



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O que são as películas para vidro?

  • Arrows demonstrate how window films let in the warmth of the sun without creating hot spots.

    As películas para vidros são um tipo de tratamento para vidros aplicada às janelas e superfície dos vidros, projetadas para reduzir a quantidade de calor do sol que passa através do vidro e aumentar a segurança e a proteção.
    As películas para vidros ajudam a aumentar a rejeição de calor solar e a reduzir a entrada dos raios ultravioletas nocivos, o que resulta em uma ampla variedade de benefícios:

    • Maior conforto
    • Maior economia de energia
    • Maior privacidade
    • Maior proteção contra desbotamento
    • Brilho reduzido
    • Maior segurança e proteção


    As películas podem ser utilizadas com persianas, venezianas, cortinas ou outro tratamento de janela, mas a grande vantagem que as películas oferecem é o controle solar sem a obstrução da vista que você tem.
    Diferente de cortinas ou persianas que precisam ser fechadas para serem eficazes, películas para vidros são projetadas para permitir a entrada da luz, ajudar a reduzir o calor e o brilho e ao mesmo tempo manter a vista que você tem.
    As Películas para Vidros também podem ajudar a manter o seu prédio mais protegido de tentativas de arrombamento sem as desagradáveis barras nas janelas.

What can 3M™ Window Films do for your building?

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  • Are your energy costs going through the roof? 3M™ Window Films can significantly reduce the amount of heat coming through your windows to help lower utility costs. Your tenants get a more comfortable environment, and you get increased energy savings.

    • Fast payback — as little as 3 years
    • Reduce carbon emissions
    • Save more money, no matter which climate zone you are in
    • Use toward potential LEED credits
  • Help keep your tenants comfortable, and you’ll keep them for the long run. 3M™ Window Films can significantly increase the comfort level of your building by virtually eliminating hot spots and cold spots, reducing glare and increasing safety without changing its aesthetics.

    • Reject heat and reduce hot spots
    • Reduce annoying glare
    • Increase insulation and reduce cold spots
  • Accidents and natural disasters can wreak havoc on your building operations, but you can be better prepared to cope with the aftermath. 3M™ Window Film can help hold broken glass together, preventing flying glass shards, the leading cause of injuries and fatalities.

    • Engineered to protect people and property
    • Reduce damage and loss of data
    • Lessen business disruptions
  • Your tenants want to know they’re in a secure building, and you want to protect your data and merchandise. 3M™ Window Films can help protect people and property from outside threats like forced entry, vandalism and even bomb blasts.

    • Makes forced entry more difficult — can help to deter intruders for up to 2 minutes
    • Helps mitigate loss of assets
    • Reduces business disruptions
  • Give your tenants custom and elegant interiors that provide enhanced privacy without sacrificing natural light. 3M™ Glass Finishes let you define spaces without confining them.

    • Get expensive looks at a fraction of the cost
    • Create the look of etched, cut or sandblasted glass
    • Enhance the appearance of your space and add branding


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