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Discover Applications

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Need tools to develop your next generation medical device? One of the things we pride ourselves on is our fast and responsive sampling service to enable your design process. If you already know what you need, order a sample. If you need some assistance in determining the product for your solution, ask our design specialist.

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Need some input to determine the best product solution to enable your next generation medical device design? Ask one of our design specialists for product recommendations to fit your device design.

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Your next generation device is ready for next steps. You may have selected the products for specification. You may be ready to start creating the finished medical device. Our network of Preferred Converters include a diverse group of medical device manufacturing experts to help you take the next step.

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Whether it is media coverage, tradeshows or upcoming webinars, our news and events is to keep you informed.

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  • From complex medical devices to consumer-based retail applications, 3M adhesives, films, fasteners and other medical components meet the needs of countless medical device manufacturing applications. Improve your productivity – and add more value to your products – by putting 3M's world-class materials and technical expertise to work for you.

    Imagine the possibilities, with 3M as a trusted source of quality health care components for design-in solutions to enhance and save lives.

  • Continuous Health Monitoring
    Continuous Health Monitoring

    Our experts can help you select the best options for your design, from conformable, “skin-friendly” materials to aggressive adhesives used in the actual construction of your device. Whatever product development stage you’re at, we’re ready to help you succeed – with solutions that can help improve device reliability, enhance performance and reduce costs. 

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  • Diabetes Management
    Diabetes Management

    Typical uses include construction of blood glucose strips, lateral flow assays and other microfluidic consumables and devices used for clinical, molecular and immunoassay diagnostics. Whether it is a double sided spacer tape, a printable cover tape or a fluid transport technology we can help determine the best materials for your test strip.

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  • Medical Device Development
    Medical Device Development

    3M's experienced technical and design experts are ready to help you create the next generation of feature-rich medical devices. Get 3M involved in the development stage. We're eager to collaborate for our shared success as we help you make the most of 3M Science. It's technology with a personal touch.

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  • Retail Applications
    Retail Applications

    You see them almost everywhere: temporary tattoos spreading smiles at a child’s birthday party. Bandages guarding small scrapes. Sports tape protecting athletes during intense competition. With low barriers to entry and virtually limitless applications, the retail stick-to-skin market is a good choice for companies looking to expand.
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Careful selection of quality materials during the concept stage can reduce the risk of delays late in the development process. With 3M, you can get technical, design-in expertise right from the start – making your materials selection process faster, easier and smarter.