• Scotch® Tape 3030 Premium Automotive Refinish Masking Tape

    Scotch® Tape 3030 Premium Automotive Refinish Masking Tape

    A green-coloured, smooth creped masking tape from 3M to suit a wide variety of bodyshop applications.

    Using a specially formulated cross-linked rubber/resin adhesive, Scotch® Tape 3030 has been developed to provide a good balance of properties for the modern bodyshop and specifically in use with water-based paint applications. Flexible and consistent in use, the new green tape leaves a sharp, clean paint line with less build-up.

    Water compatible, there is no adhesive transfer even when exposed to moisture or UV.

    Offering 100°C temperature performance and superior water resistance, Scotch® Tape 3030 sticks and stays when applied, with no lifting or edge curl, yet offers clean and easy removal.

    Sticks easily and resists lifting
    No need to re-mask after wet sanding
    Clean removal and resists slivering.


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