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Filtrete™ 365 Program

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We're excited to help you create a smarter home environment! Tell us what matters to you and we'll deliver solutions that meet your needs.

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    2. Receive personalized emails

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  • Flexible to fit my family's changing needs. Friends and family are always welcome at any time.

    Flexible to fit my family's changing needs. There's a lot of coming and going in my home.

  • Organized and orderly, above all. I would be mortified if my guests saw a mess.

    Organized and orderly, above all. I would be mortified if my guests saw a mess.

  • A place that supports health and wellness for my family.

    Healthy; we do everything we can do make sure the environment is healthy for the family.

How many members of your household are pets?

How often do you sleep with the windows open?

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  • 70

  • Not sure what size air filter your heating and cooling system needs? It's easy to find out. Just look on the edge of your air filter. There are three numbers that look similar to this: 16x25x1. That's your filter size.

  • We won't use your phone number for any other reason, and we'll only text you a short Filtrete™ Brand filter change reminder when our algorithm determines it's time for a change.

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